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The acquisition of a new apartment 

There are both practical and financial advantages to buying a new apartment or house. When buying a new house, you choose living spaces, well-maintained apartments: generous terraces, private car parks, built-in cupboards, large openings... More informations : https://www.estatenetfrance.com/en/ . In addition, the new property offers you the guarantee of new aesthetics, safety and comfort: accessibility to the secure house (videophone, 5 or 3 point landing doors), incredible green spaces, buildings with modern architecture. In addition, the purchase of a brand new apartment allows you to benefit from a reduction in the fees payable corresponding to approximately 3% of the total amount of your purchase. The French authorities, wishing to promote home ownership, have set up the enhanced interest-free loan programme.

Rental real estate investment

Rental luxury real estate Cannes investment consists in buying one or more properties in order to rent them and develop a progressive portfolio. The interest of this purchase lies in its rental increase, i.e. the investment costs must be covered largely, if not entirely, by rental income and tax deductions. In addition, to be able to contribute money to rental housing, you must meet a number of conditions regarding: income, assets and debt ratio. Feel free to put the different banks in competition to obtain the best interest rates or to use a brokerage firm. You must study the profitability of your work by analysing the demand for leasing in the region, the state of construction, the many costs that will be charged to you personally.

Choosing the right property

Do not involve your impact in the choice of your premises. Indeed, it will not be your main residence and too many emotions could force you to lose sight of your main objective: the search for a profitable investment. By selecting your home unloaded from the impact, you can increase your chances that the property will please others and that it will be much easier to locate a buyer... The property must be commendable! Do not neglect your objective: do not buy in a crisis zone under the pretext of attractive rates! Go on site before buying to find out the location of this property and the surrounding amenities!

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